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Your mobile phone is destroying your spine!!!

Got your attention? Good.

Most of us do it. We're all guilty. We check our mobile phones all too often, some people over 100 times per day. And many of us are carrying it out all wrong! People around the globe from Yishun to New York City are using their cell phones the incorrect way.

Humans aren't built to sit in an office tethered to our cell phones. We are created to move. Take a moment and consider how you utilize your phone (some of you might be scanning this on your cellular phone right now). Can you are feeling how craning your head forward and downward to write a text, watch a video, or read a write-up pulls in your neck? This posture is not normal and our necks weren't designed to work this way. We could describe this abnormal be “Tech Neck”, and we have to realize it, repair it, and avoid it.

There is an old adage among engineers and biologists. “Structure dictates function&rdquo ;.Which means that the way in which a subject was created represents how it is usually to be used. Here's an illustration, if you appear at a seat, you will see how it is made to be sat on. Now if you appear at a neck, you will see that's made to guide the head and allow movement.

How would you make use of this?

So what is Tech Neck? It is an increasingly common supply of neck pain. We have muscles and attachments running from the tops of our heads down to the bottoms of our feet, this in called the “posterior chain&rdquo ;.It is connected through the fascia, the nervous system, and the skeleton. When one muscle contracts, another must relax. Here is the basic reasoning behind any movement. Tech Neck results when our heads are continually flexed forward for extended periods of time. This results in stresses being transmitted through the rest of our posterior chain. So tech neck may not merely hurt our necks, it may well result in pains anywhere from our necks down to your mid and lower backs, legs and hips, knees, ankles, even the bottoms of our feet!

Mobile phones have got the entire world by storm in several short years, and now time far from work for spine-related pain reaches an all-time high worldwide. Because the availability of handheld devices and time spent taking care of computers increases, so do incidents of neck complaints. Look across the MRT sometime and you won't start to see the eyes of the passengers, rather, you might find the tops of the heads because they stare within their mobile devices.

Just about everyone over the planet has use of a hand held device. People are just starting to utilize the devices at younger and younger ages. A recent study has shown that school-aged children spend typically 8 hours on a pc, tablet, or phone every single day!! Schools are relying more and more heavily on mobile device use. We go home and use our devices in the car, at the dinner table, in bed, even in the shower!

This all happened relatively quickly in the span of human history. The issue is, our bodies were never warned and prepared for this type of drastic change to the lifestyles and our structure does not account for this new demand that we are placing on it. This forward head posture with stooped back and rounded shoulders isn't how humans were designed to function. The weight of the heads increases exponentially because it moves forward away from the midline center of gravity. That increase in weight places a load on the cervical spine that's not sustainable. It is no wonder that mechanical neck and back pain are at an all-time high!

This case isn't hopeless, we could avoid this dilemma with a couple of simple steps.
1- Become aware this can be a problem and start correcting bad habits.
2- Maintain full range of flexibility and strengthen muscles.
3- Pay the technology.

Chiropractors are uniquely equipped to simply help manage this situation. Our familiarity with the biomechanics of the spine and the forces applied give us insight into the cause of neck pain. Chiropractors have the capacity to facilitate locked joints and return the range of motion to the perfect state. This makes them perfect primary care providers for neck pain and other mechanical maladies.

We don't have to stop our cell phones. We only have to keep yourself informed of exactly how we use them. Just how should you employ your phone? First, we keep our arms and elbows close to our body. Then we bring the device as much as our eyes rather than bending our eyes down to the phones. We engage the muscles between our shoulders and keep our backs nice and straight and relaxed. Finally, we limit the quantity of time we devote to our device. Not staring at the telephone for long intervals, but instead using short chunks. We produce a conscious effort to do this every day. Eventually our anatomical bodies will register this posture as normal and we shall assume this position without even considering it. Our anatomies will think of it as normal. Bad posture is learned through repetition and habit. It could be un-learned the exact same way.

Connecting our conscious thinking brain to your physical body through breath, focus, and full flexibility is the important thing to maintaining good physical health Spinal Disc Prolapse. Taking time out daily setting the telephone down and think of our health is a complete necessity. Breathing begins inside our diaphragm. Focus begins with concentration. Full range of motion begins with having our joints and muscles unrestricted.

Education is the first step in virtually any lasting change. Being here, you now have opened yourself up to the idea of good posture while making use of your devices. That is something that you have learned and cannot un-learn. Sorry, but you are now stuck with this knowledge!

Taking a few moments daily wherever you are may make all the difference. Before you obtain up each morning, set aside a second to tell yourself that would have been a good day, and that you are a wholesome person. This will put an attitude of health into your mind for the entire day. When you're at the job or school and have already been sitting for awhile. Get up. Walk around, even for 5 minutes an hour. If that is not possible, set an alarm for each and every 20-30 minutes. When it goes off, settle your brain and take a nice long breathe and stretch. Let your muscles relax and find their proper posture. The whole process might take 20 seconds. Easily achievable. No excuses!

The planet is just a beautiful place, we must consider it once in a while.

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